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Our True Passion

Our extensive 7-year experience managing local and international events and exhibitions with a highly-skilled team means that we are able to apply out of the box solutions to deliver global standards. With experience organising some of the biggest exhibitions on the continent, our track record includes events like Meetings Africa, Africa’s Travel Indaba, the National Tourism Careers Expo, the South African Paediatric Association Conference and others.

International events include the second World Congress on Healthy Ageing, the Africa Alzheimer’s Congress and more. We’ve also managed the South African Pavilion at exhibitions in Spain, Las Vegas, Germany and others.

Our Competitive Advantage

We provide an integrated solution to exhibition management, from conception to execution with a strong onsite presence. Our services include financial management with strict adherence to the budget allocation, an intense marketing campaign building up to the event, exhibitor services managed entirely online to reduce risk of data loss, strong event greening practices and regular feedback sessions on the status of the exhibition sales. We are committed to offering a 360-degree approach to exhibition and events management.

At Synergy Business Events, we are devoted to advancing and setting an example of applying environmental-friendly practices and minimising carbon footprint in executing exhibitions and events. Our events include organised eco-friendly waste system and instead of typical-conference practices of giving everyone water in plastic bottles, we feature water tanks and paper cups as a solution to the damage caused by plastic in our oceans.

We strive to achieve economic inclusivity and empowerment through the development of small and medium enterprises. We are committed to empowering our clients and suppliers in all our business interactions.

Meet our executive team

At the Helm of Synergy Business Events

Justin Hawes


Justin has had a diverse and interesting career starting as a vacation student with an auditing firm. It was at Arthur Anderson & Co. that he joined them as a full time Articled Clerk where he worked on a number of companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

He then joined Destag Gmbh which is owned by Anglo American as a Financial Consultant where he devised and implemented a stock management model for the granite blocks and slabs in the USA, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, France and Germany.

In 1995, Justin joined Megapro Marketing as the Financial Manager and followed onto to First Focus Management as Consultant and Director.

In the February of 1996, Justin started Scan Display Solutions where he is responsible for the overall business management including personnel, sales and marketing of the exhibition infrastructure which Scan Display is renowned for. Scan Display has over 150 staff country wide with offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth.

Tiisetso Tau

Managing Director

Tiisetso Tau is the founder of Tau Management Consulting, a 100% black owned strategic advisory company. Tau Management Consulting was formed with the sole purpose of creating a leadership in Management and Sales consultancy. One of Tau Management Consulting’s milestone projects included the development of the Suzuki Dealer Management System, upon the return of Suzuki into the South African Economy.

Tau is one of the founding members of Scan on show, which was founded in 2010. Through Tau Management Consulting, Mr. Tau approached the current Director and 20% shareholder of SCAN Display in an effort to start a majority back owned MICE SMME which would compete in the exhibitions sector.

In 2015 Scan on Show rebranded as what we know now as Synergy Business Events. As the majority shareholder of Synergy Business Events, Tiisetso Tau occupied the position of Managing Director.

Recently in the 2016 financial year, Tau Management Consulting acquired the majority shareholding within Synergy Business Events, which would ensure that Synergy Business Events became a black managed entity in the MICE Sector.

Tiisetso Tau is passionate about enterprise development and ensuring that the MICE industry becomes a shared and inclusive sector.

Martina Komane


Scan Display recently announced the appointment of Martina Komane as director. Martina has also been appointed chairperson of the Scan Display BEE Trust, which was established in 2005 to empower previously disadvantaged staff members.

Martina was employed by Scan straight out of school in 2002. She has worked hard to build her career at the company, working her way through many divisions and learning everything there is to know about each aspect of the business.

Currently working in the sales and services teams at Scan Display, Martina believes her growth into these people-centric roles will be of great assistance with her new responsibilities as director. “It’s important that I know how to deal with people,” she says. “I know how to communicate and understand colleagues and clients, as well as deliver on what is promised.”
Martina believes that her passion and resourcefulness will go a far way in her new role at Scan Display. “Nothing is ever a problem for me, and I’m always willing to help. I refuse to give into complaining and would rather search for a solution for all of the problems I encounter.”

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